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Natural News update: 3.27 hours before, update period: 3.00 hours
  • BREAKING: Louisiana Attorney General calls for dismantling Google and Facebook to protect America 
  • Trendy Impossible Burger is actually made with questionable ingredients such as GMOs 
  • Compound found in black cumin shows potential anticancer properties 
  • Study: Multi-resistant bacteria killed by cinnamon bark oil 
  • These incredible foods contain more vitamin C than oranges 
  • Our sense of smell may be linked to our risk of neurological disorders 
  • Starch set to replace all petroleum-based materials in food packaging 
  • Colleges ramp up discrimination against people with white skin, with call by administrators to force new
  • Five early warning signs of Alzheimer’s 
  • (Natural News) Ginger is a superfood that is packed with nutrients and other healthy compounds that new
  • Is Fukushima radiation affecting the West Coast? Consider these signs 
  • We are already living under many forms of Obama’s “martial law” deep state control: It’s time for Tr new
  • Organ donor spreads cancer to four recipients… yes, you can acquire cancer from diseased organs 
  • Trump to go after big tech firms who may be violating the law by censoring conservatives 
  • Talking about biological differences between men and women now gets you FIRED from academia 
  • Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford was a Big Pharma shill for company that makes “morning after new
  • Same tech giants that refuse to display Alex Jones content are thrilled to help the communist Chines new
  • Improve memory and mood with curcumin: Study finds it boosts cognitive function in those with mild, new
  • Natural remedies for osteoporosis: Several medicinal plants have been found to improve bone health w new
  • One step closer to decentralized renewable energy? New magnetic floating flywheels may provide the s new
  • Thyme essential oil has many uses in alternative medicine, as an antimicrobial, antispasmodic, and a new
  • Understanding internal parasites, and how to get rid of them naturally 
  • Mindfulness, meditation and other stress-relieving exercises may reduce risk of seizures 

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    Silver Doctors update: 1.44 hours before, update period: 0.83 hours
  • Bix Weir: If The Good Guys Win We Can Have Gasolineless Flying Cars By The Year 2022 new
  • Mortgage Rates Are Jumping (And Now The US Housing Market Is Starting To Fall) new
  • Trump’s Lawyer Giuliani Vows Regime Change In Iran At Summit Where Crowd Chants “John McCain” new
  • Stocks Are Soaring Because Corporations Spend More Money On Buybacks Than Anything Else 
  • Keith Weiner: Why Are Worker’s Wages So Low? 
  • Mark Taylor (Trump Prophecies): This Is The Start Of It – The Deep State Is Kicking And Screaming 
  • Weaponized Politics Threaten Financial Market Stability Part II 
  • Barrick And Randgold To Merge And Become The Worlds Largest Gold Miner 
  • David Morgan’s Fresh Prediction Of When The Fiat Currency Collapse Happens 
  • When The NY Post Starts Talking About Economic Collapse, It’s Time To Pay Attention 
  • Chris Vermeulen: Hold On Tight Because Gold And The Gold Miners Are About To EXPLODE Higher 
  • Mike Adams Issues Alert: Trump To Declare Martial Law To Execute Mass Arrests & Military Tribuna new
  • Steve St Angelo: Central Bank Gold Purchases Now Control 10% Of The Total Market 
  • Fed’s Fall Festival: Will Gold & Silver Investors And Traders “Sell The Rumor And Buy The News”? 
  • The Major Gold Mass Exodus To Reverse Sharply 
  • Trade War Vs Commodities: Is The Trade War Really To Blame For The Plunge In Commodities? 
  • GATA Asks CFTC If Market Rigging By US Govt Is Legal 
  • Signals For The Coming Crash In Stocks And Rally In Gold – David Brady 
  • NYC Home Sellers Are Slashing Prices “Like It’s 2009” 
  • Harvard Trained Economist: The US-China Trade War Could Last 20 Years 

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    VentureBeat update: 0.77 hours before, update period: 2.00 hours
  • Verizon’s payment study shows businesses are more vulnerable to cyber crime new
  • IBM’s Watson agriculture platform predicts crop prices, combats pests, and more new
  • Instagram’s cofounders are leaving Facebook (updated) new
  • Augmented reality can foster empathy — and games can take advantage 
  • CathWorks FFRangio™ Trial Meets Primary Endpoint and Exceeds Performance Goals 
  • Pit Blocks 3D revives a Virtual Boy gem for PC 
  • Google uses AI to make AMP Stories, Google Images, and video search better 
  • Google launches Android Studio 3.2 with App Bundle support, Energy Profiler, and Emulator Snapshots 
  • China bans Twitch because people were finally watching it 
  • Plantronics’ Elara 60 Series mobile phone stations support Microsoft Teams 
  • AI researchers can now identify people by eye movements 
  • PUBG Mobile Star Challenge esports event will give out $600,000 
  • Microsoft launches Office 2019 for Windows and Mac, promises it won’t be the last 
  • Apple releases macOS Mojave with Dark Mode, Apple News, and HomeKit 
  • Snap is testing a way to search for products on Amazon right from Snapchat’s camera 
  • Reserve with Google now lets you book museum tickets and other activities without leaving Google 
  • Slack acquires email app Astro in biggest acquisition to date 
  • Apple finalizes Shazam purchase, promises ad-free app experience 
  • Red Dead Redemption 2’s Wild West will have around 200 animal species 
  • Big Huge Games brings History Channel weapons into DomiNations mobile game 
  • Apple Watch Series 4 and iPhone XS teardowns reveal thinning parts, fragile glass 
  • Google Assistant support is coming to Roku devices 
  • 0x leads the way for ‘tokenization’ of the world, and collectible game items are next 

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    China.com - English update: 0.44 hours before, update period: 3.00 hours
  • China, Britain agree to defend int'l system, multilateralism new
  • Microsoft offers password-less, enhanced security tools for cloud service new
  • Central government voices firm support for HKSAR's ban on “Hong Kong National Party” 
  • Nobel Prize-winning scientist Charles Kao passes away at 84 
  • Injured Paris marathon champ Lonyangata targets Shanghai marathon 
  • Chinese military lodges solemn representations against U.S. sanctions 
  • Whole line of Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Express Rail Link put into operation 
  • Chinese female tourist found dead in S. Thailand 
  • Pompeo hopes to travel to Pyongyang soon for Trump-Kim meeting 
  • Nanny in Hangzhou fatal arson case executed 
  • China, Singapore set priorities for future cooperation 
  • 74th joint patrol on Mekong River starts 
  • Palace Museum concludes international forum on ancient civilizations 
  • ADB approves loan to protect China's Yangtze River 
  • China follows investigations of Buddha head suspected from Longmen Grottoes 
  • Jia Zhangke's biggest budget movie to hit Chinese theatres soon 
  • S.Korea, DPRK to hold Pyongyang summit as agreed upon in Panmunjom summit 
  • Trade spat perils put spotlight on need for effective strategies 
  • China's radio telescope 'FAST' to be put into use in 2019 
  • UNIFIL holds exhibition in Beirut to mark Int'l Day of Peace new
  • China releases white paper on facts and its position on trade friction with U.S. 
  • China marks the first Farmers' Harvest Festival 
  • Harvest season celebrated across China 

  •   Id: 226, sequence:589
    Si News update: 5.60 hours before, update period: 5.00 hours
  • Reputation, low costs draw international students to Chinese universities – report 
  • Which is the best university for sports science? 
  • Turn the impossible into reality at NYU’s Tandon School of Engineering 
  • Inspiring creativity at Bedfordshire Business School 
  • Develop your international career with these dynamic branch campuses 
  • Top tips for managing your health at university 
  • Low income students should get lower fees, says think tank 
  • How Linköping University nurtures a spirit of innovation 
  • Chinese students: More positive perception of China after coming to the US – report 
  • Three US generations are experiencing destructive student debt together 
  • Create a safer digital world with a degree in cybersecurity 
  • The importance of cross-cultural communication in today’s globalised world 
  • How a postgraduate engineering degree can transform your international career 
  • How to bust stress while studying for that university degree 
  • Is it possible to manage your student finances while establishing your start-up? 
  • The fear of heavy drinking during Freshers’ Week 
  • International schools creating the next generation of global leaders 
  • Fulfil your ambitions at Worcester Academy 
  • The pros and cons of university career portals 
  • #YouAreWelcomeHere: 57 US colleges to offer scholarships to international students 
  • Slowdown in rate of growth of international students applying to work in US 
  • Fundamental things you should know about Freshers’ Week 
  • Discover innovative research at TUT’s Doctoral School 

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